MevoFit Launches ‘Run’ Fitness Band

MevoFit, a wearable fitness, and health tracker brand launches its new fitness and lifestyle Smart band, MevoFit Drive Run GPS Running Fitness Band & Smart Watch. MevoFit Run delivers a new-precision-crafted NORDIC 52832 chip that offers even better, accurate & stable monitoring of data. For the next level convenience, the MevoFit Run debuts and is made of high-quality TPU, a deep insert design, which effectively prevents it from falling off.

The added convenience and smart features to amplify the users’ day include tracking workouts, runs, walks and other activities without the users’ phone being present. Which means that the user will be carrying less things in their pocket, and enjoy their exercises without worrying about their phones falling out.

Speaking at the launch of the of a fitness band, Khyati Mahajan, Founder and CEO – MevoFit said, “The MevoFit Run is the MevoFit’s first fitness band that comes with inbuilt GPS tracker. It was created to provide a universal product for all the needs of fitness enthusiasts. The band adds value to the fitness regime of the enthusiasts by offering various sport modes: walking, running, tennis, cycling, and skiing among others. Each of these modes shares the same advanced features to measure and store user data besides also offering hands-free smartphone notification capabilities.”

In addition to the software and hardware upgrades, the MevoFit Run also simplifies the users’ lives as it can be integrated with any smartphone. Offering features like smartphone notifications which help users to view app, call, calendar and text notifications on their wrist. Moreover, the watch can last up to 4-5 days on a single charge, it can be worn in temperatures between 10°C – 50°C and comes with an IP 67 water-resistant monitor.

All MevoFit Fitness Bands and Smartwatches come with an advanced app – MevoFit Fitness Tracker app. MevoFit Fitness Tracker is not just a basic app that syncs your data but goes beyond that offers you advanced Diet and Workout Plans, Fitness Challenges, Social Community and lot more.

The MevoFit Run is a lightweight, USB charged device 128*64 HD resolution screen. MevoFit Run fitness band is a fitness band which is priced under Rs. 5000 and is currently available on Amazon and MevoFit’s website.