Dengue Fever: Diet Tips For Fast Recovery From Dengue; Know Foods To Eat And Avoid

Dengue Fever: Diet Tips For Fast Recovery From Dengue; Know Foods To Eat And Avoid

Dengue affects a high population each year. Each year everyone is suggested to practice dengue prevention steps to stop dengue spread. Stagnant eater offers a breeding ground for dengue fever. If you are diagnosed with dengue fever you need to be very careful to recover completely. Your diet can influence your recovery from dengue. The right food can help you in fast recovery from dengue fever. It will also relieve the various symptoms of dengue and give you some extra relief along with the medication. Along with adding some foods and you need to avoid some foods as well. Here are the do’s and don’ts of dengue diet for fast recovery.

Diet tips for dengue for fast recovery

Foods to eat

1. Papaya leaf juice

Papaya leaf juice is a quite famous remedy for dengue fever. Papaya leaf can help you treat dengue fever effectively. It increases the platelet count of dengue patients and improves immunity. You can extract some papaya leaf juice and add to some water and drink it twice or thrice a day for better results.

2. Vegetable juices

Vegetables are rich in essential nutrients. You can prepare vegetable juice with a mixture of multiple vegetables. It will provide you the right nourishment and keep you healthy at the same time. Add some lemon juice to the vegetable juice to increase the vitamin C content as well as to enhance the taste of the juice.


Diet for Dengue: Vegetable juices are loaded with multiple nutrients
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3. Coconut water

It is recommended to drink coconut water in dengue to avoid dehydration. It nourishes your body and keeps you hydrated. You can drink up to two glasses of coconut water in a day. Coconut water is a healthy drink which you can drink on a regular basis.

4. Herbal tea

Teas are loaded with properties beneficial for your health. You can choose ginger tea, cardamom tea or cinnamon tea for better health. You can sip herbal tea and fasten yup your recovery from dengue. The refreshing flavour of herbal tea will also refresh your mind.

5. Neem leaves

Neem leaves are loaded with medicinal properties. Neem leaves are beneficial for dengue patients as well. It helps in controlling the spread and growth of the virus. Neem leaves are an effective natural remedy for dengue.


Neem leaves are loaded with medicinal properties
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Foods to avoid

Some foods are the worst for dengue fever. You need to avoid some foods to keep the progress of your treatment under control. Some of the foods you must avoid include- oily and fried foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks, spicy food and foods high in fats.

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