Common Skin Problems During Pregnancy And Their Solutions Recommended By Dermatologist

Common Skin Problems During Pregnancy And Their Solutions Recommended By Dermatologist

Women go through many changes in their body duringpregnancy. Apart from change in hormones, there is also experience changes in skin. Unlike the ideal pregnancy glow, many women experience pimples,pigmentation and other adverse effects on skin during pregnancy. In one of her posts on Instagram, dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia Sethi highlights common skin problems during pregnancy and suggests their potential solutions. She says that hormonal imbalance may be held responsible for pimples during pregnancy. A balanced and wholesome nutrition, proper sleep, less stress and regular exercise can maintain hormonal balance during pregnancy.

Furthermore, following the right kind of skincare routine can help in preventing some of these common problems during pregnancy. Keep reading to know about them…

Common skin problems during pregnancy and how to deal with them

1. Acne

To prevent acne, products with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and topical retinoids and retinol must not be used during pregnancy. The products which you can use are gentle skin cleansers that reduce skin oil, topical antibiotics like clyndamycin (which is considered safe during pregnancy) and alpha hydroxy acids (like lactic acid serum). Dr Kiran says that these products are gentle on the skin and can be applied every night. They will not un-obstruct your pores and make the acne go down on the skin.

“This is genuinely what seems to work for most clients with acne when they’re pregnant,” says Dr Kiran in the video.

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2. Pigmentation

Pigmentation is another common skin problem that women face during pregnancy. Melasma (a condition which makes brown patches appear on the skin) or some skin dullness are skin conditions which many women experience during pregnancy.

Creams enriched with Vitamin C can be used in the morning and in the night to deal with melasma and skin dullness during pregnancy. These creams are perfectly safe during pregnancy. You can also use Vitamin C serums if you want.

Azelaic acid can help in reducing patches caused by melasma, and skin dullness. It is completely safe during pregnancy. Alpha hydroxy acids can safely be used to deal with acne and skin pigmentation during pregnancy.


Products with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide must be avoided to prevent acne during pregnancy
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3. Skin rashes

Many pregnant women experience skin rashes. Pregnant women are prone to eczema or psoriasis flare ups or pregnancy-oriented rashes. You must visit a dermatologist and follow a skincare routine as recommended.

4. Hair

Hair growth usually tends to be more during pregnancy. Some women, however, may experience hair fall because of vitamin deficiency. Have a balanced, nutritious diet and take some vitamin supplements as recommended by your dermatologist.