An extreme low-carb diet may speed ageing: Japanese study

Following a low-carb diet has become a trend. After the popularity of keto, low-carb diet is the new favourite of most weight watchers. But all the body transformations that we are seeing with this new diet may not be all that safe. A recent study conducted by a group of Japanese scientists found that following a low-carb diet can speed ageing and lead to a shorter life span. Yes, you read that right.
The study
A low-carb diet is effective in reducing visceral fat and preventing blood sugar spike but it should be clearly monitored by the experts as part of their medical treatment, says the associate professor of the same Japanese University.

In the research, the professor and his colleagues divided the laboratory mice with life expectancies of about a year into three groups. One group was fed with a balanced diet, the second group was fed with a fatty diet while the third group was fed the low-carb high protein diet.

The third group of mice that were fed low-carb, high protein diet got only 20 per cent of their total calories from carbohydrates. This is equivalent to a human skipping staple in all their main meals (approximately three).


The low-carb group of mice died on an average nine weeks earlier than the group of mice who had a balanced diet. The low-carb group died even earlier than the fatty diet group. In addition to early death, the low-carb group’s cognitive skills declined by half in comparison to the balanced diet group.